Floor Heating Costs Calculator

Savings – that’s what all of us are looking for. Our society even created so many professions that exists just to save their customers money. We already learned that spending less money doesn’t always mean worse quality. We believe in smart savings. That’s why we created Floor Heating Costs Calculator App. To help to save your money and not only for that…

But first things first!


What is Floor Heating Costs Calculator?

Floor Heating Costs Calculator (https://fairunderlay.pl/en/mobile-apps/) is our app specifically designed to help the customer estimate yearly costs of floor heating. Calculator includes most popular heating systems like:

  • Natural gas (condensing boiler)
  • Coal (eco-pea coal)
  • Fuel oil (condensing boiler)
  • LPG
  • Electric heating (ground-source heat pump)

It also uses your individual preferences. The app asks you about your preferred room temperature, heating season length, average temperatures, floor area, etc. These are important for better and more specific calculation. Finally you can type of the floor and choose two preferred floor underlays for comparison.

Using that data app calculates annual heating costs (for two different floor underlays) and compares the prices giving you the most accurate costs estimation. You don’t need the experts anymore – this app do it for you.


How does it work? Let’s show it!

We know… It could looks like really difficult and complicated but don’t be afraid.  It’s really easy! Actually let’s do a little simulation to show you how easy is that:


  1. First step – choose your regional options. Don’t worry about the fuel costs. App uses typical prices for each of heating systems. If you find them incorrect – you can always edit them just by tapping it and typing proper value. After that, click continue.





  1. Step two – select your heating system. App gives you the opportunity to choose one of five most popular heating systems. After choosing the one you use there are three sliders to manage left.

First one is to choose the preferred room temperature. Second to define heating season length and third for average outside temperature setting.

As you can see at the screenshot below – it’s easy and intuitive.


  1. Step three – heated floor configuration. This step is all about your floor. You need to choose between laminated floor and LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) first. After choosing your type of the floor use the slider below to indicate your heated floor area. There is one thing left: select preferred floor underlays for the comparison. After that just click the “Calculate” button and…


You are done!

As you can see on the image below you have the result. You know how much (approximately) your annual heating cost would be. Furthermore it’s compared with different floor underlay option heating costs. You did it without help of professional and complicated calculation. You saved almost 200 GBP yearly spending just few minutes for app settings. Congratulations! You are real smart saver!



It’s not difficult to save some money with our app. That’s quick, not complicated, intuitive and actually really smart. Floor heating costs calculation would be no longer difficult and you are more aware of expected costs now. That’s the best proof of our app efficiency you need.

We know it sounds almost too easy to be real. Check us then! Scan the QR code below, download and try our app. Spend few minutes to save more money. Be a smart saver like the thousands of Floor Heating Costs Calculator users!