Floor heating costs calculator – check if you’re not wasting money because of wrong floor underlay?

Our app “Floor heating costs calculator”, developed in cooperation with Fair Underlay R&D lab is designed to estimate yearly costs of floor heating for the most popular heating systems and fuels: fuel oil, natural gas, coal/eco-pea coal, LPG, electric heat pumps. After defining type of heating system, temperature intervals and length of heating season, you can choose the type of floor you have laid on the floor heating, it’s area, and two types of floor underlays to compare costs. As a result of performed simulation, we get a comparison of the expected annual costs of the floor heating for selected underlays, along with the indication, whether chosen underlay will save us money or expose us to a loss.

Reflected walking sounds simulator on floor panels – compare the muting effect achieved thanks to RWS Barrier floor underlays.

The app that we are handing over to you, developed in cooperation with Fair Underlay R&D lab, allows you to compare footstep sounds on the laminate floor, laid on different floor underlays. With its help, you will discover the capabilities of RWS Barrier technology in the field of acoustic improvement, when compared to traditional underlays. Presented results are only a comparative model and they are meant to be treated demonstratively. Achieved effect of eliminating reflected walking sounds depends on installation conditions as well as on characteristics of floor and the base that it was installed on.

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