Fair Underlay has become a member of the prestigious EPLF Association

In May, European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association welcomed Fair Underlay as a new associate member.

Each industry has its own organisations and associations, that being a member of at least one is synonymous with the status, quality of the company and the highest production standards.
In the laminate flooring industry, one of the most important awards for a producer is membership in the European Association of Laminate Flooring Producers (EPLF).

In the official EPLF announcement, the president of EPLF – Max von Tippelskirch (the Swiss group Krono) welcomed Fair Underlay in the association and highlighted that “welcoming the members of the supply chain into the association shows the important role they play in enabling laminate flooring producers to provide their customers with high quality products”.
“We are pleased that Fair Underlay has become an associated member of EPLF and we expect successful cooperation with all members of the association,” said Mateusz Prętki, the President of Fair Packaging.

The purpose of the EPLF association is, above all else, to collaboratively promote and represent the interests of the group on global markets and to build a coherent, comprehensive and professional image of the laminate flooring industry.

In external relations, the work of the association is primarily reliable communication regarding products, their scope of use, quality, certification and production standardisation. Information is prepared for various groups of recipients – from the proverbial Smith to executive groups, designers, craftsmen, producers, suppliers or retail chains. It is a dynamic, competent and comprehensive information platform.

Internal communication between associate members is an important element of the association’s work. In addition to the knowledge center for producers and suppliers, it is also a place to establish and maintain economic contacts and contacts with international organisations and associations.

It is worth remembering that admission as a member of an association is not that simple or obvious. It is possible only for companies that provide a high standard of production quality, production technology, the highest product quality and which undertake to comply with the highest production standards.

To sum up – membership in the EPLF is therefore synonymous with quality, professionalism and the highest European standard.

For Fair Underlay, it is not only a number of privileges, but also responsibilities. The latter include lobbying, press and public activity, participation in fairs, market research, but also involvement in standardisation activities related to laminate flooring or the development of brochures and instructions.

With Fair Underlay, EPLF has 16 ordinary members, 24 associate members and 10 supporting members.

About FairUnderlay

Fair Underlay was established in 2011 and is a part of the Fair Packaging Group. It is a leading European producer of professional natural rubber underlays. The production plant and logistics centre are located in western Poland (Greater Poland Voivodeship) and produce 25 million square meters of high-quality underlays annually, focusing on performance and parameters that meet the most stringent requirements of European floor producers. Researching market trends and focusing on customer needs allow the company to develop a unique product offer.

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