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Welcome to Fair Underlay – rising, polish brand of professional floor underlays. Within Fair Packaging Group we have a strong technological base and years of experience in foaming and processing of polyethylene. Since 2003 we are developing our competences in the field of standards and requirements of the laminate, vinyl and engineered-wood floors industry. Research on market trends and orientation on Customer’s needs allowed us to develop a unique product offer, characterized by excellent value for money.

I am proud to present the results of our intensive work during last years, both in terms of product development and communication. All of this would not be possible without excellent team, that I am pleased to lead, from the production, sourcing, quality management, customer service, product development, marketing up to sales.

I invite you to get familiar with our new range of Fair Underlay products, divided to BASE, SPECIAL, MACX, LVT and EXTREME lines. Find unique values in terms of utility and durability. Choose ideal floor underlay, adapted to your needs or allow us to do it for you – take advantage of our many years of experience and rely on the recommendations of our experts. In Fair Underlay R&D lab we can carry out the necessary tests for you, in order to compare key parameters of products available on the market. Become our partner, because we put partnership over sales. Start using our unique marketing support and tools, that no other company in the market can offer you.

It is only the beginning – do not miss your chance and join the group of our satisfied Customers!

Fair Underlay – simply fair.

Mateusz Prętki

President of the Board

Our lab

In 2016 Fair Underlay started its own R&D laboratory. We cooperate with high-class specialists that are assessing all necessary parameters of products. Our lab is conducting both standard compliance tests as well as quality tests in the production process and developing new products.

Since 2017, we have allowed manufacturers, that do not have knowledge, experience and advanced measuring instruments, to conduct numbers of professional product tests in compliance with European standards and norms, directly in Fair Underlay lab.

RWS Barrier®

Patented RWS Barrier technology is the core material for premium class floor underlays from EXTREME line, produced by Fair Underlay. Thanks to innovative production process, we developed material, that sets new, highest standards in terms of RWS parameter (reflected walking sounds improvement), reaching the values up to 40%.

Underlays based on RWS Barrier are heavy mats with density over 900kg/m3, that have very high load resistance parameters (CS) – up to 350kPa. Thanks to the composition, which is secret of the company and is protected by international intellectual property law, Extreme line products are also great heat conductors, which puts them at the forefront of underlays recommended for underfloor heating.

RWS Barrier received a positive grade in the emissions of harmful compounds (VOC) test in the highest class A+, which guarantees its safe usage in residential constructions, and its acoustic parameters were confirmed in EPH GmbH. All operating parameters have been tested in accordance with the EPLF recommendation and according to their research methods. More than 97% of RWS Barrier technology components are natural. The product is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Other widely available premium class underlays (including the most expensive ones, based on polyurethane) are reaching RWS values between 12 and 26%. After introducing products with RWS Barrier, PU based underlays became only medium class when it comes to silencing reflected walking sounds.

Our range

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